\ FAN-tast \ , noun;

1. A visionary or dreamer.

My new backyard view has the power, even at 6:45am, to turn me into a whimsical fantast.  The sun rises if I swivel my chair 30 degrees (rumor is the sun rises regardless of if I swivel my chair, I just mean that’s where I can see it).  The cows graze in the field at 75 degrees.  Bunnies tease the dog at 45 degrees and he barks.  The barking doesn’t stop the fantast in me from dreaming fantastic dreams though. 

My most recent dream was of a world where the sun rose when I woke up each morning.  Then I was thinking, that’d be odd, to be walking around with a newly risen sun above me, when the folks I was around had noon day suns. 

It’d be a conversation starter though, I imagine: “Howdy, how have your 5 hours awake been? Must’ve gotten a lot done?”
Or it could cause problems: “Oh my, your sun is in my eyes, mind waking up earlier like the rest of us?”
Some people don’t understand other fantast’s fantastic fantasies sometimes.  

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