\ kon-KAT-n-eyt \  , verb;

1.      To link together; unite in a series or chain.


1.      Linked together, as in a chain.

Suzanne Collins concatenates like a master.  I am only on the 2nd Hunger Games book and I’m utterly, I repeat, utterly amazed at how she links the plot, characters, and love story together.  Collins is the queen, I believe more than J.K. (and I’m not jk) of cliffhangers.  I know I cannot end a chapter and not turn the page to the next chapter.  She cannonballs an ending sentence, usually in italics, that practically knocks you over and demands you to turn the page.  I have to stop reading mid sentence, mid chapter to ever put it down.

Last night I was at the gym on the treadmill reading, and I just kept walking and walking and walking.  One reason: the italic sentence.  Another reason: here are these characters fighting to the death in an arena, am I such a weakling that I can’t walk for another 90 minutes? 

It’s a new wellness strategy, to read intense books where whatever I am doing pales in comparison, therefore I am intrepid and carry on.

4 thoughts on “concatenate.

  1. A couple of things Miss Hardin: First, excellent closing sentence yourself! Second, better than J.K.? That is a bold statement. I'm not sure I can agree. I would probably concede that Collins is better with the cliffhangers, but I believe J.K. is a better all around concatenater. HP was chockablock full of concatenate. Either way, an interesting dicussion!

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