first thoughts at 28.

Auckland, thus far,
has completely taken my breath away. I am staying on a thin peninsula on the
north shore that is completely surrounded by fourteen gorgeous beaches. These
are beaches that look like Aslan is just hanging out under the rocks, waiting
for that little mouse to want his tail back. I will post pictures tomorrow when
I finish working.

saw that Wicked, my favorite Broadway show, is playing this month. If I hadn’t
spent $400 on jerky, maybe I’d be able to go see it!

My first host is a real gem. She is charming, hospitable, and
smart. The view of the beach is stunning and I look forward to sitting out
there tomorrow and writing my next entry. My body feels like it is 11:49pm, but
it is merely 3:49pm. At least my birthday will feel longer than it actually is!

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