whang dang.*

My body thinks it is 4:54am, while it is 8:54pm here. That is quite the discrepancy. I find that a walk on the beach and a lovely salmon meal help to keep me awake until a decent hour, to try to get into the swing of things here. I also haven’t had caffeine in a couple days. Probably only one day, but it feels like three.

I am currently in Whangapararao. It is a stunning peninsula. Here is my walk to get there, quite different from Clearwater, FL. 


*patent pending, Richard Adams, Raleigh, NC

2 thoughts on “whang dang.*

  1. I’m grateful to Aaron and Carly too- for all the pictures you are going to share…and for keeping your very-normal-sized(if slightly smaller than mine) head safe!

  2. I love these Eliza – Beth. So very proud of you my dear! Can’t wait to see and read more about your trek into Narnia. Love you much

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