Tiki-tour: a trip where instead of going directly from A to
B, you make all kinds of detours and side trips, going to places you didn’t
intend to go when you set out.

Margaret (host mother) and I planned a tiki-tour (which
seems funny to plan on going places you don’t plan on) after we gathered loads
and loads of seaweed for the garden. Apparently it’s really good for the soil.
We were not the only ones on the beach gathering loads of seaweed, it was the
place to be, like buffalo chicken wrap day at Mars Hill University.

Off we set to the end of the North Shore peninsula. We
stopped at about 4 beaches on our tiki-tour. We saw a woman catch a fish, she
said “look away” as she cut into its heart.  Then she told us her name is Angela and shook
our hands, with the same bloody heart hand.

’Twas a beautiful tiki-tour.

2 thoughts on “tiki-tour.

  1. What beautiful pictures – I want to go there and see our friends. Mark said he could make it a mission trip by being with Steve! Ha! So glad things are going well with your first host family. Great beginning except for the jerky episode. Can’t believe they did that to you. Have you called Rita yet? Didn’t know if you were in the same town or not. I can’t remember where they live now. Continue to enjoy your adventure. We love and miss you much but so happy for you doing this!!! Talk later, Brenda

  2. I love how you tell stories that seem so random, but are so real. Like the woman who told you, "look away," before she cut into the fish. Keep up the good story telling!

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