not a knee slappin’ good post.

I walked to the library and have no idea how I got
here. I had received written directions that missed a street, and from what I could figure, it was an important street. The library is a couple miles away, up and up a hill. I ended up walking through a gated school and thought I was going to
have to enter the front office to tell them my situation. Now it is pouring
rain. Auckland is known for their rain in the spring. I’m ready for Nelson on
the South Island, known for getting more days of sunshine than any other city
in the world.

As I’m sitting down, it feels so nice to rest. My knee has been giving me trouble as of late. It does feel really nice to work hard and sweat a bit. With
this first host, I work 5 hours a day. So I usually work 3.5 hours in the
morning, eat lunch, have time off, then prepare dinner and clean up in the
evening. It’s a schedule that really suits my fatigue issue…which I haven’t
been noticing much lately, and that could be because of the afternoons off, the
way of eating, or the NZ air. 

I explored a bit today in the rain (thanks for the awesome rain jacket, Mom, you’re top notch!) I finally got some NZ money (I haven’t spent any money since I’ve been here, if you don’t count the jerky incident, and I’m still hoping to get an email reply doused in pity). The money is beautiful…though I think a big part of it is the texture. It’s soft and has these see-through parts…check it out. It’s so nice, it feels like it’s really worth something. Ha.



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