kool kiwi.

You know those jobs that only you can do, like sorting your old high school papers, deciding whether or not to keep private journals or important documents? It’d be awkward for someone else to come in and try to clean out your storage because it’s all so personal, and they wouldn’t know what you’d want to keep, what was extremely precious to you…

That’s what I did yesterday. I cleaned out someone else’s precious items. I probably threw away the youngest’s birth certificate. Neh, I was careful. I felt like I was on one of those reality shows.

The perk of this long job was getting to keep this t-shirt:

One thought on “kool kiwi.

  1. "Those jobs that only you can do." Let me guess how this would have gone. "No I can’t throw out my kool kiwi shirt! That is the shirt I was wearing the night I found andy p’s water bottle!!!" "No you can’t throw that away! That’s Andy p’s water bottle! My life began that night!" "No you really can’t throw away that little dress. They brought me hoen from the hospital in it. My life really did begin in that dress!"

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