They say pulling weeds is therapeutic. Today I found
that to be incredibly true. Especially when Gregory Alan Isakov’s “The Stable Song” comes on Pandora. There’s
something about this song that makes me want to weep, evaluate my whole life, swing
on a swing set for hours, and follow my dreams. I always look up the lyrics
after I hear it, and I never find a huge connection. It’s all about the sound
for me. Weep here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3X9Bz0LNnc

I would love to hear how the sequel would go to
Train’s “Marry Me”. Did he get the nerve to say hello in that café? Did she say
she will? Does he regret it? Does she leave the cap off the toothpaste? Or are
they truly living the dream, revisiting the café weekly to remember the day it
all started over an orange cranberry scone?

As I was pulling thousands of weeds, I evaluated
what I need to weed out of my life. Stress, busyness, and corn syrup. That all
seems do-able here in New Zealand.

A hard day of work meant I deserved an Americano
from Esquire’s Coffee Shop.


I walked 2 miles uphill and the coffee tasted like
magic. Nothing could have ruined my mood after that caffeine entered my system. This was my view on the walk back:


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