chilly bins.

Martin and Bridget have a buddy who is a production manager
for comedy shows in the area and he gets them complimentary tickets. They had
four to see Rob Schneider and mentioned the night before the show that their
kids didn’t want to go and they could try to get one more and take us. We’d all
pile in the cool surf bus and hit the town.

The next morning, Bridget said they did get another ticket,
but her son and his girlfriend decided they wanted to go. So now there was one
extra ticket. An 11 year old named Grace put our feet in a circle and did a NZ
version of eenie meenie mo, something about a dog and poo, and I won.

Kasey and Brittany came along in the party bus and spent
some time in Auckland with some fancy potato skins.

The five of us were literally in the row before the 1st
row (Martin says then we’d be in the 1st row, but I disagree). We
were in folded chairs in front of the row of real chairs. And we were escorted
to our seats, so people probably thought we were big fans. Dylan, Martin and
Bridget’s son, leaned over to me and said, “What’s this guy been in? What does
he look like?” I laughed. “Saturday Night Live, every Adam Sandler movie, and
Hot Chick” was what I came up with. What big fans we are.

Rob hadn’t been in New Zealand long and most of his material
included mocking accents and chilly bins (coolers) and then making fun of
Americans. It was exceptionally hilarious to me. He did of course get a bit
crude, which was less hilarious, but all in all, it was a wonderful evening. We
were chatting with Martin and Bridget’s friend after the show when Rob and his
family walked by. Bridget said, “great show!” Martin said, “cute baby!” I said,

We met up with Kasey and Brittany and had Mexican food
(prices: cheese dip $9, quesadilla $22, burrito $25, taco salad $17). The taco
salad was delicious. We jammed to classics on Martin’s ipod while Bridget and I
danced in the back. I was thinking how very strange it was that I wouldn’t know
these people if we weren’t in New Zealand, hadn’t found their host page
intriguing, and emailed them until they accepted us. Now they’re people we care
deeply about and see in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. We know their
gutter draining system, their surfing style, and their best jokes. I wouldn’t
have these nicknames without Martin: Orange Blossom, Nano Cleaner, Spider
Monkey, and Lil’ Pixie. I will miss them.

James and Victoria are our next hosts. Those names mean
nothing to me now, but I imagine in a week, I’ll think they’re my best buddies
and I won’t just go by “Beth”.

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