the day after the adventure I haven’t posted about yet.

I am leaning against a dirty wall while sitting on a dirty
mattress that is too big for the bottom bunk, so it slides off with my every
move. Muddy jeans from falling into the river are hanging from the top bunk and
serve as the only hindrance to my Tasman Sea view from the window. There is a
picture of waves hanging up by the window and I wonder why you need it when you
have the real deal 2 cm away. My calves are as sore as they were during PHUHS
softball conditioning after the jump roping. Our six hour hiking adventure has
served as the backdrop to my dreams for the last couple nights. My sore legs
remind me it was a reality.

Today is our last full day in Muriwai. The sun is shining
though the wind is fierce and it is chilly enough for 3 layers. We will surf
through the soreness today and maybe tomorrow before we hit the road to meet
the next people that will hopefully become quick friends like Bridge and Mart
(we are so close we dropped the last letters of their names).


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