felix and pakistan on halloween.

We’re at our next job at the Bay of Plenty in Katikati. Hobbiton is across the mountain and the rolling hills are beautiful. James, Victoria, Caspar (7), and Felix (4) seem lovely. As were the asparagus risotto and the warm bed.

We were putting together a world map puzzle and I said, “where would you like to go, Felix?” and in a darling kiwi/english accent (Victoria is from NZ and James is from London) he said, “On the 31st of October I’d like to go to Pakistan.”

I said, “Oh yeah? What’s going on then?”

“I’m going to Pakistan.” Felix has bright blue eyes and sweet dimples.


“I copied it from the map to my calendar,” he said, matter-of-factly. Then he went and got his calendar, showed me October and sure enough, “Pakistan” was written in darling handwriting on Halloween. His mom said, “He had Peru written on the 4th of September and was really bummed when he learned it was the 5th and he hadn’t been yet.” He pointed to the 4th where it said “party” and I said, “oh fun, a party?” And he said, “I forgot to go.” And he crossed it out.

What a precious little fella. We’re building him a swing set in the morning.

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