The doctor’s hot tub never got as hot as the naturally hot waterfall we hiked to today. It’s now high on our “top experiences in NZ” list. The water coming out of the falls was scorching, like a gloriously hot shower after a day in the snow. Though it’s not snowing here; it’s summer time.

We’re glad we went to the i-sight information center to ask about trout fishing, because we met the most pleasant lady with the cutest stacked haircut. She told us about this stream that people go to soak in because it’s so warm. We asked if there would be signs and she replied, “You’ll see the steam coming out of the water.”

She was right. We also saw the other 20 or so people going from one section of the river to the next, warming up then cooling down. Some were locals, a few from England, Germany, and one cool chick from Pennsylvania.

It was magical.

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