wabbits from wanaka.

We’re currently in Wanaka on the west coast near the Southern Alps. It’s a town we’ve been anxious to get to and it’s living up to every expectation so far. The only negative part is the work we’re doing: killing rabbits. I’ve loved rabbits since Ms. Zaremski’s 4th grade class bunny named Hershey. I begged my family to get a bunny and when we did, we named him (with the help of my class) Snickers. He was a good boy that had a lot of energy and only John could really control him.

Walking around the farm with a shovel in one hand and rabbit poison in the other does not do my heart good. We put a poison pellet in newspaper, wet it, throw it down the hole, then fill it in. We’re on the hunt for “wascally wabbits” just like Elmer Fudd. Ross and I had just poisoned and enclosed a big hole, when we saw a baby bunny running around. Ross said, “Oh I bet he’s looking for his home. Haha he’ll have to look for a while because it’s gone!”

This made me want to cry.

But, I get why the rabbit population needs to be controlled. Judy has a lot of farm land and a huge garden. There are not enough pests here to kill the rabbits, so they keep multiplying and are wreaking havoc on her fruit and vegetables. I just don’t like to be the girl to take away baby bunnies’ homes. 


On the way here, we passed a one way bridge for the 47th time, over creeks named “Roaring Swine Creek” and “Gout Creek,” but this time every single car who went over the bridge pulled over shortly after to take a photo of the bright blue water that served as the reason for the bridge. The water is streaming from the Fox Glacier.

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