pancake rocks with a little bit of sunset on top.

We left lovely Golden Bay to head down the west coast. We took the scenic route along the water (next to huge mountains) in order to see a rock formation dubbed the Pancake Rocks. We stopped at the one hoppin’ restaurant in town and ordered the cheapest things we could find. 54 minutes later, we hadn’t gotten our food and the sun was setting and hostel offices were closing.

A couple had come in and asked about accommodation in the area and the waiter said everything was full. We started to get worried that our plan to stay in this pancake town would turn soggy. The sun was lighting up the whole sky and we asked for to go boxes so we could see the rocks before heading south to find a place to stay. The waiter seemed annoyed and said all he had was paper bags. So we put some fries in the bag and took the whole bowl of nachos with us. Then we ran as fast as we could to catch the pancakes before dark:

We found a place to stay after driving another hour and asking at four hostels and motels. This must’ve been what Joseph and Mary felt like. I went into one hostel to inquire about vacancy and came back with a pair of oversized men’s jeans (you never know what kind of credit these could be worth at a consignment shop) and three candy canes from the Free Bin.

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