how unexpected!

Tony, our new friend’s friend’s brother, had us over for “tea” tonight, which actually meant dinner. Before we went over, Brittany was trying to decide if she should have tea when we were heating up the water and she said, “Well, I don’t want to be all tea-ed out if we’re having tea at Tony’s.”

I said, “I think when Tony says ‘tea’, he means dinner.”

Brittany, “What?! How will I know? Will I even get tea at tea?”


It was dinner and she didn’t get tea. Tony is a builder and he built Shania Twain’s New Zealand home and we were anxious to see the house he’s currently building for himself. He poured everyone (around 11 people) drinks and gave a “safety briefing” before the tour.

Tony simply stated, “Do not fall. Do not trip.”

Off we went. It was beautiful and very well done, with high ceilings, timber staircases, and windows serving as walls. When the tour started to drag a bit, I would enter a new room, gasp loudly, and say, “Whoa! How unexpected!”

The people followed immediately.

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