it’s all comin’ together.

I feel like today could be the first day of the rest of my literary life. Did that come across too strongly? Brittany found a job for us near Wanaka and the host is a beautiful travel writer who also just finished her first teenage novel. To top it all off, Carla recently opened her very own publishing company. We talked about books we loved, writers we can’t get enough of, and how she can help me get my foot in the door with publishers in the area. All over a lovely meal of Israeli couscous, pumpkin, bacon, and feta. It’s all coming together, and I don’t just mean the dinner combination.

Carla has four adorable kids, a perfect pup named Smith, and two tiny kittens named Pumpkin and Jones who are all living the dream out in the country. The kids wear blankets as capes while they jump on the trampoline. They make forts with books to hold up the same cape-blankets. 

I’m staying in a surprisingly cozy shed for a room. It’s painted yellow and there’s a beanbag on the top bunk. A moth keeps running into the window to keep me awake. The front door has a mail slot that is filled in now, so I told Kasey and Brittany if they wanted to contact me, they’d have to slip mail under the door. 

We hiked up Mt. Iron today. I’ll let the picture speak for themselves:

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