ed sheeran.

We can never get too into a song that comes on the radio because around the next bend, it’ll turn to static. Songs worth pulling over for:

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran (from The Hobbit II. Can’t get enough of this song!)
If I Only Die Once by One Republic (I included this one for Kasey. If you would like my full analysis of this ridiculous and equally catchy song, send me an email.) 
We Won’t Stop by Miley Cyrus (what irony that this song is on the We Will Stop list.) 
Royals by Lorde (famous kiwi.)
Anything  by Celine Dion


Sometimes we are put into situations where people want us to speak for the whole US of A. I do not like this responsibility. Even when it’s small stuff like, “Do people in the US give fruitcakes to each other for Christmas?”

“Do they have this in America?” someone will ask. I say, “Well, I’ve only lived in two cities and from my experience, no, we don’t. America is large though.” At other times we get blamed for  the whole country, like for not using the metric system or for our gun policies.

Kasey is the optimist of the group. She laughs at me when I worry about some things. Like when I saw a flashlight in the distance in the yard of the house we’re watching. But then we heard gun shots. So I immediately sprang into action and asked, “What’s our plan if that’s someone coming here? Does our phone have service? Should we pretend the kid’s toy guns are real?” Kasey said it was the farmer neighbors. But truth is, sometimes girls get taken. And then their dad’s have to travel across the sea and kill the guilty party. And my dad is a busy man molding the minds of today’s youth and I don’t want to put him through that.

We are safe and Kasey was right, the neighbors were killing rabbits. Heading to Milford Sound on Sunday, then Dunedin! 

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