“hey, ugly.”

When I have solid internet, I don’t feel too far from home. I try to send quick messages to my family when I can, pictures of the dogs I’m watching, over-the-top exclamations about new towns, and postcards from my favorite places.

My sweet grandpa had a stroke the night of his birthday, and that’s when I felt very, very far from home. He’s doing better now, though they think he might’ve had another small stroke yesterday and they’re waiting to see what kind of damage has been done. He’s making jokes and calling beautiful people “Hey, ugly”, just like he always does. But it’s times like these that I wish I wasn’t in NZ’s Dunedin, but in FL’s. I’m thankful that Grandma got him to the hospital in time. I’ll be home in two weeks and I look forward to hugging his neck while I greet him with a sweet “Hey, ugly.”

In sadly related news, Kasey’s grandma received a negative health report a few weeks ago. So Kasey and Brittany have returned to the states to be with her.

It’s hard to be away from people you love when they’re hurting. The unknowns are scary and no amount of adventure or beautiful beaches or stunning vistas can fix it. Only time with them, sitting in our usual spots in their cozy house, eating the usual meals, and cherishing each and every usual moment can help, I think.

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