number 19.

We have worked at 18 different places, and tomorrow starts the 19th for me. 19 different personalities (although one host had at least three all on his own), 19 different pantries, towns, stories, favorite dishes, idiosyncrasies, ways of hanging up their clothes, and 19 different perspectives on New Zealand.

The place I think about when I close my eyes or when I’m cold or when I picture paradise: The Coromandel Peninsula with Raewyn.

The person I miss the most: Probably Winnie, the one who made all of the noises. Sometimes when someone is telling a story in a boring way, I think about Winnie would spice it up.

Oh, actually, the person I miss the VERY most is little Zak, the almost-three-year-old that called my Ivy. What a dollface.

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