almost got a dog.

I’ve been without Nana the Toyota for a week now. Luckily, I’ve been “stuck” in really beautiful places. I enjoyed playing with these sweet kiddos and taking many walks along this road that hugs the peninsula:

I’m back at Glenda’s (owner of Knight the handsome dog) and am about a 25 minute walk from the city centre. I headed into town this morning and on my walk back, I saw a beautifully fluffy dog prancing toward me. It said hi, I said hi back. Then it didn’t leave my side. I looked around and saw no one looking for her. I checked her tags and began calling her by Athena. I rubbed her belly and we were both pretty instantly smitten. I called the phone numbers on her tag and reached no one. She stood in the shade of my shadow. I walked around with her for about 45 minutes, waiting for a phone call. Other people walked by and she would say hello, then come right back to me like I was her new master.


I got a call back. “Hi, I found your dog Athena…”

“Oooh, um, that’s my ex wife’s dog. Hm.”

“Oooh, I’m sorry.”

“Let’s see. I will, hm…I’ll try to get a hold of her owner. Then I’ll give her your number if that suits you?”

“Sure thing, I appreciate it.”

I laughed and wondered how long it’d been since he talked to his ex. Look at me and Athena, bringing people back together. We were near a big field by a school and recess let out. Athena made me instantly popular. Many girls were squealing and shouting “It’s so fluffy I could die!” Athena was matching the girls’ (probably 3rd graders) excitement and ran off suddenly and ran right into the school office. Eeek. I ran in after her and said, “I’m trying to find her owner!” I grabbed her by the collar and said, “I reckon I’ll take her to my friend’s house and wait to hear back from them.” The teacher nodded like, “Uh yes, please take her away so these kids will calm down.”

She’s such a cute little ball of chaos. I made the walk from the school to Glenda’s slouched over so I wasn’t choking Athena by holding her collar. Knight was left outside and wasn’t too happy about this strange dog in his territory, drinking his water. Athena stayed by my side and fell asleep by my feet under the table.

About an hour and a half later, I got a call from the owner. She was over-the-top thankful. After I said about two sentences she said, “Are you American?!” I admitted it, and she said she came from California but is originally from New York. She had patients coming in and couldn’t get away. I got her address and returned the darling (and a large piece of my heart) to the gate she somehow escaped from. Her brother was ecstatic to see her:


I waited around to see if she would try to get out again, but she seemed exhausted and content. When I let the owner know they were together again and everyone was happy, and that I missed Athena already, she said, “Lol! She is a sweetie. If you ever get a dog, Samoyeds are really wonderful.”


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