I’ve been really tired as of late, so much so that I almost passed up the chance to go see the blue penguins on the tip of the peninsula. They don’t come out of the water until dark and it doesn’t get dark until 10pm. My host opened the cabinet that led down to my room and said, “Are you keen to go, Beth?” I was under the covers reading. “I am if you are?” 

Wow was it worth it! The blue penguins are the smallest in the world, and no doubt the cutest. (Yellow-eyed penguins are on the other side of the peninsula and look quite mean in pictures!) They come in rafts, their little heads stick out of the water and they look like a raft coming in. Very, very cool. Then all of a sudden, you see them waddling up the beach to their nests. They waddled their way up (when they’re in a group in the water they’re called a ‘raft’ but when they’re on land they’re called a ‘waddle’) right past us, only about four feet away. We weren’t allowed to use a flash on our cameras, so this is the best I could do:

And check out the waddling video:

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