I think I knew this about myself, but it’s been solidly confirmed lately: I really like to have a plan. I enjoy spontaneity for sure, but I like going to bed knowing a skeleton of a plan for the next day. Actually, I always don’t need that, what I need is to know where I’m going to sleep the next couple of weeks. And I think that’s normal, eh? Well, I figured some of it out tonight, thankfully. I am heading to Christchurch tomorrow. Tessa is driving me to the bus stop (so I don’t have to lug my luggage around to the bus stop I need to be at) and I head out at 2:20pm, arriving in Christchurch at 7:50pm to meet my new host family. The traveling part is no big deal, it’s getting to the correct bus stop without a car that I dislike more than the smell of shrimp. Now all I need to figure out is how to get from their house to the airport at 5am on Tuesday. Then I get to see my sweet family. Hallelujah! I’m beyond ready. I can’t wait to sit at the table, Kendall at our feet, and sip on endless coffee while we tell stories and enjoy the treats I bring them if I haven’t exceeded the luggage weight limit. 


There are some seriously loud critters outside my hut right now. I imagine they’re possums. I’m cold enough to be sitting under the lamp in the corner to feel the heat from it. Other than the cold and the noise, this place is lovely so far. While sipping our ginger tea over our first introductions, we had those “Oh, me too!” moments over and over. I love when that happens. It took a good 45 seconds for us to be laughing like we were old pals from GJE singing “Pioneers for the Future.” They have two blonde boys that I’ll meet in the morning on Waitangi Day, a public holiday here signifying when NZ’s founding document was signed in 1840. So there’s no work and no school, but a lot of gardening will take place, no doubt.

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