glowing groom.

There’s really not much better than watching your twin get married to a bride that makes him impossibly happy. What a joy to walk down the aisle to stand near him while smiling at family and friends scattered about the pews of the same church our parents got married in. Katie looked like she walked out of a bridal magazine. She was as stunning as stunning can be. As we were getting ready for the big day (hair, makeup, details, etc.), she was the complete opposite of a bridezilla. She is such a selfless, caring, all together lovely person. My new sister is what the kiwis would call “top notch” and “good as gold.”

What an amazing feeling it was to walk into a room packed full of people I love dearly from different areas of my life. We were all truly happy for the glowing groom.

Here’s an update on the NZ schedule. I have decided to not return on March 12th as originally planned. After spending some time with my grandparents and trying to help out where I can, and making a little money from a part time job, I will hopefully return to NZ in July. I called the airline and NZ Immigration and it’s all coming together nicely. After a walk on the causeway at sunset, this plan came to me and I have felt good about it since.

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