freewill astrology.

A horoscope writer holds a lot of power. New relationships. Newly ended relationships. New jobs. Newly quit jobs. Even when the reader might not fully believe in astrology, horoscopes inspire or sometimes confirm what we want to hear and give us a reason to go through with something we might not have done before. The Mountain Express, a weekly independent entertainment newspaper for Western North Carolina, does a hilariously stellar job with their horoscopes and I was reminded of this while I visited the ever lovely Asheville (I hope to see more of you next time!) While working at Mast General Store, Tanner and I used to read our shared astrological hypothesis on slow Friday nights.


“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” says hockey great Wayne Gretzky. In other words, you shouldn’t be timid about shooting the puck toward the goal. Don’t worry about whether you have enough skill or confidence or luck. Just take the damn shot. You’ll never score if you don’t shoot. Or so the theory goes. But an event in a recent pro hockey game showed there’s an exception to the rule. A New York player named Chris Kreider was guiding the puck with his stick as he skated toward the Minnesota team’s goalie. But when Kreider cocked and swung his stick, he missed the puck entirely. He whiffed. And yet the puck kept sliding slowly along all by itself. It somehow flummoxed the goalie, sneaking past him right into the net. Goal! New rule: You miss only 99.9 percent of the shots you don’t take. I believe you will soon benefit from this loophole, Virgo.

I’m inspired because I literally don’t have to do anything. I will take the shot or I won’t, it’ll work out either way.

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