blt day.

The time I’ve been able to spend with my grandparents lately has been priceless. Not many grandkids at the age of 28 get this gift of being at home (without a full time job) with time to take walks, bird watch, grocery shop, and read with sweet grandparents. And I know each of my cousins would’ve loved to be with Grandma and Grandpa for BLT day today. Mmmm.

Yesterday Grandpa and I went on a long walk. I always take a walking stick and hand him his so we’re both stable. And so we look cool. Halfway into the walk, as Grandpa and I were chatting (probably about my nonexistent mate), I dropped my walking stick. He laughed and sharply said, “Do you need me to hold half of that for ya, sweetie?”

He doesn’t remember much and is different in several ways, but boy is he as cute as he’s ever been.

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