I met with Mars Hill University’s newest major gift officer a couple weeks ago. We were “welcomed to Moe’s!” and then hit it off by instantly naming places we loved in Asheville. He’s from the Bay area and is loving his new mountain home near Mars Hill. I mentioned that I was looking for work in addition to my twice-a-week-babysitting gigs. He said a friend of his in Tampa owns an outfitters store. Within seven minutes of leaving Moe’s, he had called his friend and then called me with additional info to get in touch with him.

I had an interview on Monday. We talked about hiking, New Zealand, and hiking in New Zealand. When I thought the tough questions (five year plan, confusing résumé…) were about to start, he said, “I’d like to offer you the job.”

“Sweet as!” I said. Neh, I actually said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Thank you!”

I will work twenty hours a week and I start on Saturday. It’ll make me miss my Mast friends, no doubt.

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