While waiting for customers to come into the store, I was chatting with my coworkers and giving myself a pep talk. “I will not spend money on these nice things with my nice discount. I do not need anything. Do not let me buy anything, guys! Well, all I really need is a day pack.” My new friend ran to the back room and then handed me a beautiful red Osprey day pack. He sold five packs in a month and got this one free. Apparently he didn’t need one and he gave it to me. It’s everything I could have wanted and I giggled with glee.

A few hours later the store was empty again. I was folding a couple t-shirts and I said, “I could go for a Reese’s egg.” I said this because after six hours of talking, you start to say whatever comes to your mind. And I knew that my coworkers were probably thinking the same thing about wanting a peanut butter cup and it’d be a bonding experience for us. The same new friend ran to the back room and came back with a Reese’s cup. My dreams come true daily at my new job. I am really thinking hard about what I will say I want tomorrow.

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