A medium sized man walked in to the store today with a XXL fishing shirt tucked into his shorts, so much so that the bottoms of the shirt pockets fell right at his belt. He was holding a rolled up orange rain fly. He held it up like it was a trophy he had just won. “I need to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing.” He looked at me, then looked at Rob and held Rob’s gaze. I was caffeinated and feisty so I replied, “I see how you’re avoiding eye contact with me. You don’t think I know what I’m doing!” I laughed so he knew I was kidding. He still gravitated toward Rob and stood so close that Rob had to back up a bit. “If one would like to change the color of one’s rain fly that one has had for years, how would one go about that?” Rob (who really does know what he’s doing) didn’t know the answer because one probably would never take the time to change one’s rain fly color. While Rob practiced his excellent customer service skills and did some research, the man looked at me and said, “Yes, I went to the dermatologist and they had at me.” I said, “Oh. Gotta stay out of the sun, eh?” To this he replied, “And yes, I did chase a bear up a tree once.” If I had actually been thinking, “I wonder if this man has ever chased a bear up a tree.” I would’ve been shocked. Instead, I was thinking about what Rob could even be googling to answer this question. Rob ended up getting him a phone number for the company who makes the water repellent that the rain fly was treated with.

Joe wants to be on the blog because he either A) he likes the attention or B) he thinks I’m going to be famous one day and wants the exposure that my fame will inevitably bring him. Again, he’s attention hungry. Hi, Joe.

While I’m saying hi, I’d like to wish Matt Rathbone, one of the most loyal beth of fresh air readers, a happy birthday!! I hope it’s one for the books!!

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