boundless joy.

My babysitting gig got canceled this morning. I got some things done that I should have completed a while ago (meaning I watched a few episodes of Ellen that had been waiting for me). Then I threw on my bathing suit, grabbed my old journal, started Audrey Assad Pandora, and sat by the pool with my dog. It had been too long since I took the time to just take the time.

The first page of my journal said that one of my favorite people, Mark Carlson, encouraged me when I was extremely restless to write out my goals for the next few years. What did I want to change? Big stuff, little stuff, anything stuff.

I dated the page 3.30.13. As I reread these goals that were so important to me and dear to my heart, I found myself nodding my head, mentally checking them off, and tears filled my eyes. I called Mark and left an over-the-top voicemail about how thankful I am to have an encourager in my life like him. I have made great strides to accomplishing every goal on my list. Some I have completed. I am no where near where I want to be, but to see the progress I’ve made, the adventures I’ve taken, the friendships I’ve fostered, the joy I’ve re-found…it brings me even more joy. Boundless joy.

Thanks for listening. I hope you do the same exercise tonight and when you look back on it 16 months later, I hope it is a breath of fresh air.

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