unfortunate fortunes.

Also, on a lighter note, I found a few brainstorming pages that Erica and I got from the book “642 Things to Write About” 

Write 10 sayings for fortune cookies:

1. You should’ve talked to the man who winked at you in the library last Tuesday. He was supposed to be your husband.

2. You’ll get food poisoning from the sweet & sour chicken.

3. You’ll be tired on Monday morning.

4. You’ll be happy on Friday at 5:01pm.

5. You’ll regret reading a novel by Nicholas Sparks by the time you get to the end and the main character dies.

6. Life isn’t fair. Your friend’s fortune cookie’s lottery numbers are correct.

7. Your midlife crisis will start tomorrow.

8. Carry your umbrella next Wednesday. A yellow umbrella if you want to marry Ted Mosby.

9. Eating too many of these fortune cookies will make you chubby.

10. Writers of fortunes are clueless.

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