The two year old I babysit, Oliver, wakes up thinking about trains, he takes trains to bed with him at nap time, and when I ask “What should we do today!?” He says, “TRAINS!”

To be honest, I’m not a Thomas the Train fan. The trains often misbehave and lie and are selfish. They always learn their lesson within the half hour, but it’s terribly annoying. It is also implied that they accomplish things they would need hands for and it’s ridiculous.

We were playing on the train table today and there was a pig on the tracks. Oliver said, “Mooo! Mooo!” Then he said Thomas was yellow, but he’s blue. I didn’t squash his imagination. I just continued to play along.

I put a car inside a canoe and set it on the tracks. I thought this was hilarious. He threw a fit, squealed loud enough to wake his sister up, and literally threw the hilarious car and canoe combo across the room. “NO CANOES ON THE TRACK!!!”

I said, “Oh that’s how we’re playing? Pigs don’t ‘moo’, they ‘oink.’ This is blue, he’s green, and that’s red. You have those colors wrong.”

His little dark chocolate colored eyes looked at me kind of confused.

I’m not ready to be a mom yet.

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