I took Sangria Kia to the shop to get her some new oil. Conveniently across the street nestled between giant oaks and skinny palm trees is the library. Erica got me hooked on the Divergent books but unfortunately all the kiddos are hooked, too, and they aren’t available. Veronica Roth started writing Divergent while she was still in college. Impressive.

I had another strong recommendation from a kind lad so I got The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Hilarious thus far. “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

I’m sitting outside at a cafe in the perfect spot. My coffee is sitting in the sunshine and my salad is in the shade.
The waitress at the next table has said the following statements in the past two minutes:
I’m vegan so I don’t eat any of that.
Oh the secret is that I’ve never worn make up.
I don’t drink, that’s why I look young.
I never watch TV.

I left to walk to my grandparent’s house before I could hear what else she’s never done.

$422 later, the Kia is happy. The travel account is not. For your sake, I hope I can start writing about adventures soon instead of oil changes.

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