book reviews.

This is my new sneaky way to get reading in when the store is slow. I thought I’d share a few book reviews.


The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Recommended by Erica and the librarian at her school. I know what you’re thinking…the movie looks so so sappily sad. You might be right. But the book was incredible. It was clever and brilliant and when the pages in my right hand were diminishing, I mourned the inevitable ending. The dialogue was full of wit. The characters seemed real and I love them still. Read this book.

Paper Towns by John Green. Recommended by Matt, whose taste I’ve trusted since 2004. John Green does good work. This book didn’t wow me as much as The Fault in our Stars, but it was a solid read about what it’s like to idealize someone instead of really getting to know them.

Divergent by Veronica Roth. Recommended by Erica. Whoa. Reading this book reminded me of how I felt when I read The Babysitters Club and I took them everywhere with me in case I got a second to read. To Grandma’s, to Outback, to the grocery store. Divergent was intense. I miss it already.

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