\ too-twah-YEY; Fr . ty-twa-YEY \  , verb; 

  1. to address (someone), especially in French, using the familiar forms of the pronoun “you” rather than the more formal forms; address familiarly.

May I tutoyer you, reader? I imagine so, since my current readers are the most loyal of friends. Tu etes charmant. You are lovely and you are troopers. You read even when I ramble about coffee and random thoughts I have after I’ve had too much coffee. I have decided to go back to blogging about dictionary.com’s word of the day so I have an angle instead of telling you about my day (though that will surely still be a big part of it…) I hope you enjoy the exceptional words that dictionary.com chooses. I really enjoy writing about them and then being able to use them in everyday conversation later.

Also, I’ve spoken with Erica Grace and the next book idea is full fledged and I’m beyond excited about it. In fact, I will be taking a trip across America to write it, instead of the around the world trip (that will have to wait for a couple of very good reasons). In the meantime, be prepared to be tutoyered often. I appreciate you more than you know.

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