\ shahn-saw-NET; English shan-suh-NET \  , noun; 

  1. French . a little song; ditty.

I’ve enjoyed three concerts (James Taylor, Bellarive & Audrey Assad, and Heather Maloney) in the past four days and I have lyrics from chansonettes swarming in my head. Some make their way to napkins that get stuck in pockets of jeans in the hamper that I’ll find before I do laundry and I’ll smile and look up the songs again.

The latest concert was at the Jaeb with one of my favorite people who has season tickets (who told me he wrote my name in on his ballot to be Florida’s governor. This will hopefully sound good to my next future employer.)

The singer songwriter was Heather Maloney. I went in not knowing anything about her; she is a New England based artist. “I’m going to play you a love song first to win you over,” she said.  That she did. My borrowed seat was so close that if I looked directly ahead, I was staring at her boots that had both laces and zippers. She was as charming as they come. Tiny and darling but also has an old soul and a subtle wit that made everyone laugh. She had a soft chuckle that came once the audience stopped laughing, as if she remembered what she said and was pleased with our reaction.

My two favorite chansonettes from the booted gal:

Let me know which lyrics you write on napkins…

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