\ KIK-shaw \  , noun; 

1. a tidbit or delicacy, especially one served as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.
2. something showy but without value; trinket; trifle.
A friend of mine from college was heading down to the sunshine state with his roommate and we decided to meet near Orlando. We took a walk surrounded by huge live oaks, climbed a massive tree full of squirrels who didn’t care we joined them, saw a sky writer doing what he does best, and all of that made us hungry. We chose a Caribbean place and Guinevere, the GPS lady, took us there. “NOW HAVE FREE WI-FI” was written in dust on the window. Why pay for a sign when you can use what you already have in abundance, I thought.
We blindly ordered some pholouries, a kickshaw on the appetizer menu. $1.25 for ten of them, it said, so we decided we couldn’t go wrong. The kickshaw was delicious, they were savory fritters made from seasoned split pea flour. They looked like hush puppies but they were soft and sponge-like. I’d order ten of these kickshaws again, even if they cost $3.00.

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