\ kon-sang-GWIN-i-tee \  , noun; 

  1. close relationship or connection.
  2. relationship by descent from a common ancestor; kinship (distinguished from affinity).

Do you know how silence is sometimes the only appropriate response because words make the moment…less than? It’s like that tough feeling of having to chat about trivial things after watching a powerful movie. Or finishing a book that made your heart soar, then someone wanting to talk about the weather.

Christmas makes me feel this way. The cozy consanguinity with everyone in the room, coffee brewing, thoughtful gifts being opened, brothers baking biscuits, Grandma making the sausage gravy, James Taylor sounding like a crackling fire in the living room, etc…it’s all so lovely that I cannot possibly say anymore about it. I sit and I silently savor the consanguinity. I hope yours was lovely.

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