\ ev-uh-NES, EV-uh-nes \ , verb;

1. to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away.

2014 will evanesce in mere hours. I’m babysitting because making twice the pay to watch movies until 2am sounds ideal to me.

In 2015, I resolve to:
1. Meet, hug, kiss, and spoil my new nephew and Aaron and Carlee’s lil one!
2. Hike amongst the red woods on the Lost Coast Trail in CA
3. Work on a vineyard in Napa
4. Dance with Ellen DeGeneres
5. Make new friends while sitting around campfires
6. Watch You’ve Got Mail ten more times
7. Convert notes on napkins into a published book
8. Explore National Parks galore
9. Ski and drink hot cocoa in Breckenridge
10. Serve coffee in Seattle
11. Celebrate Beth and Joe’s wedding in Chicago
12. Try to stop crying during the ASPCA commercials
13. Make more people feel special more of the time
14. See Boston in the fall
15. Take more naps

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