\ brob-ding-NAG-ee-uhn \  , adjective; 

  1. of huge size; gigantic.


  1. an inhabitant of Brobdingnag.
  2. a being of tremendous size; giant.

While hiking in Yosemite, Caroline asked me, “What has been your favorite part so far? The trees, the waterfalls, or the mountains?” Questions like this are why I like Caroline. But this was hard to answer! I sighed and considered saying something other than trees, but I love trees more than most things. Not that Caroline cares, but I should’ve said mountains at that point and saved my tree answer for the Brobdingnagian trees in the Redwood National Forest. Completely and utterly magnificent! WHOA. Here are the Brobdingnagians, folks:

Can you see me in this one??mendo5




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