adverb, Hawaii.

  1. toward the mountains; inland.

What a lovely Hawaiian word. Since I moved mauka, I am going through that “getting used to” period. I’m getting used to working in the evenings. I’m getting used to the trails as I explore the mountains. I’m in the very beginning stages of getting used to the lows of 12 degrees. Today was the big winter ski sale at the consignment shop in town. I woke up early and waited in line with the other 40 or so people holding their coffee in their gloved hands. I was pleased that not many folks in front of me were 4’11” and in need of the same jackets and snow pants as me. I could peruse calmly.

I grabbed the puffiest things I could find. Down vests, huge socks, gloves, long underwear, fleece layers, wool layers, leggings, an awesome retro looking jacket, and a ski mask. I don’t even know if that’s what you call it. As the cashier was bagging my stuff, even though everyone else had arms full of stuff as well, I felt the need to explain myself. “I’m from Florida! I’m so cold!” She smiled. A girl around my age behind me in line said, “I’m from Alabama!” and pointed to her counter full of layers.

I spent three nights worth of money and I couldn’t be happier with the upcoming warmth that I will experience as I go mauka. Bring it on, 12 degrees. I’m so ready for you.

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