adverb, go kerflooey

  1. to cease functioning, especially suddenly and completely fall apart; fail.

I don’t wake up easily. Alarms make my skin crawl. So I’m thankful for an evening job. I wake up because my body feels ready for it at 9:00, knowing there’s fresh snow everywhere. I get out of bed, start boiling the water, and get a fire going by the time the kettle whistles.

I have the entire day off and I sit on the floor, listen to the fire, sip some dark roast, and stretch my sore legs from the adventure the day before. There’s no where I have to be, so I can drive further north into the Boulder Mountains and not worry about time, except for the setting sun. I am planning to tackle a snowshoe trail called Psycho Adventure because, well, it’s called Psycho Adventure. But I feel fire in my calves. My legs went kerflooey after back to back to back snowshoe trips, even after a long soak in the hot spring. Psycho Adventure might have to wait until tomorrow, so it might be a Starbucks and Taco Tuesday kinda day. Kerflooey legs aren’t so bad. And there’s always tomorrow. Psycho Adventure could even be worth setting an alarm for.






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