1. eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed; avarice.

My favorite things lately are the opposite of cupidity.  For instance, I realized I can plug my vacuum in in the living room and the cord reaches the kitchen and every inch of the bedroom. My new life goal is to always live in a place small enough for this to be possible.

The library is full of books they let me read for free.

A customer at the saloon donned a beautiful Gator sweatshirt. This is the first Gator I’ve seen here (though I’m fooled often by Boise State fans with their orange and blue). He stood about 6’3″, 300 pounds, with a head full of gray hair and a face full of smile wrinkles. I walked up to him and silently did the chomp. He instantly swooped me up in his arms and lifted me off the floor. The five people that completed his dinner reservation hollered in excitement. I pointed at the bartender who went to Tennessee and we did the chomp with a fierceness that made my heart soar. “Ga-tor-bait! Ga-tor-bait!” We talked all things Florida and this made me miss my grandpa. I walked around the saloon and told coworkers “We have Gator fans in the house!” I smiled until I fell asleep that night.

I’ve noticed that listening to the fire is almost even as wonderful as watching it. It crackles and pops and I crave Rice Krispies often.

A skate ski trail full of wide open spaces and void of crowds exhilarates and brings tears to my eyes and sweat to my brow.


A note in my locker at work can make me feel like I had the matching Powerball numbers.

My cupid doesn’t bring cupidity. He’s smarter than that; he knows what brings lasting joy to my life. I imagine yours is similar.

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