1. to utter a soliloquy; talk to oneself.

Whilst on a snowy walk, I heard a girl around my age talking to herself or to her dog. She was soliloquizing in a very conversational way. Something like, “I know, I wouldn’t do that either. I agree with you.”

I smiled, thinking she must be talking to her dog. I was about to say, “How refreshing to know I’m not the only one who talks to their dog like he’s a person!”

As I began to open my mouth, she turned her head and I saw that she was wearing headphones and was talking to someone on the phone. I laughed and then told Pal all about it.


Also, after a warm week at home celebrating my grandpa’s extraordinary life, I learned that one of my favorite people, Ethan, checks my blog daily. A wave of delight came over me and then a wave of guilt followed. “I should update it more often!”

So I know I’m not soliloquizing, I’m talking to you, Ethan. I hope you are having a lovely evening with Denny and those darling dogs. KOKO, E & D!




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