1. clothes; garments; togs.

The sheer amount of toggery that this Florida girl has been wearing is staggering. The problem is that it hasn’t seemed like quite enough in the three degree weather. Pal, on the other hand, is so stoked about the snow and the cold and he is completely toggery-free. He wants to frolick in it all day. I take him on what feels like a long walk, but it’s not enough. He wants to run, roll, and eat the snow for hours. People walk by us and exclaim, “That is one happy dog!” as I am shivering and shaking my head.

I want to sit by a fire and read my book with a comforter wrapped around my shoulders and slippers on my feet. He wants to keep hiking up mountains like we did in glorious Autumn. It’s like we’re having our first big argument as a married couple. I don’t know who is going to win…but he seems content with my idea of a good time in three degree weather:


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