[ker-fuhf-uh l]
1. Chiefly British Informal. a fuss; commotion.

If you ever want to know how well-liked you are, tell your coworkers you lost something dear to you and see if anyone starts looking for it.

On a chaotic weekend at the saloon, a gal lost an earring her dad had given to her. She was visibly disheartened.

Over the next few hours, when I went to the bar, the backroom, downstairs, etc., I saw people searching frantically. The prep cook was on the floor looking under the oven. The manager was checking the salad bar.  Servers were retracing the steps that she would’ve taken. The bartenders didn’t care and were still serving margs. I’m kidding; they were looking, too.

There was an absolute kerfuffle because someone we all care about lost something she cares about. I had the quick thought: hmmm if this had been someone else who isn’t very loving and kind, would we all stop what we are doing and search high and low with great concern and effort?

Probably not. So if you love your earrings and want a personal search and rescue team if one ever goes missing, be kind always. Your kerfuffle will be well-deserved.

Oh! The earring was found in the menu box the following evening.

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