It was chilly enough in Dunedin, FL to have a fire in our outdoor fireplace. My roommate had never even HEARD of Jiffy Pop so we ignored the “do not pop over an open fire” warning and put on an oven mitt and enjoyed the show and the finished product.

We often sit in silence, as one should do because of the mesmerizing effect of the fire. This is pretty rare for a house full of girls who adore each other and always have a lot to say. We all really appreciate time by this fire together.

My phone beeps a sort of beep I never hear. In fact, I don’t even think it’s my phone until I check the time later. It’s a notification from WordPress saying “Your stats are booming!”


I open my outdated blog’s page and see that instead of the usual 0 views per day, there have been 184. WordPress breaks it down to which posts have been viewed and this reader is back to 2010. What the heck did I write about 12 years ago and why do I still have it on the world wide web?! All of a sudden, I’m not at the fire in Dunedin with my girls, I’m cascading down a rabbit hole of’s words of the day and young very silly Beth and her whimsical wonderments and then current Beth’s wonderments on why this reader just keeps reading more…even after the annotation of LFO’s “Summer Girls.” Seriously.

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if I’m flattered by you or terrified, but thank you for the reminder of the absolute balderdash I’ve put on the internet for the whole world to see. I can’t wait to read this one in 12 years.

One thought on “Balderdash.

  1. I cannot tell you how much I adore reading these! I know it’s tough for you to write about Pal, but it comforts those of us who knew him or your relationship, even if I only really met the beast once.

    That speaks so well of the impact your writing has. Please keep it up. Pleases!

    Maggie can’t wait to visit again. She has a new special toy to bring. Oh boy!

    Be kind.


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