Fire Marshal Assistant.

My roommate got me this adorable leather purse backpack and it fits everything I need and a few things I might never need. The backpack straps sometimes fall through the loop and I’ve started tying one of Pal’s old bandanas to it to stop this from happening and to make me smile or cry depending on the day. 

I’ve met a few dogs who have made me feel compelled to give them the bandana. Willow who frequents the brewery wears hers proudly. It makes me smile so big to think about another dog going on adventures and posing for pictures in Pal’s garb. Even though my backpack starts falling apart again, it makes me feel more put together.

Last night at work, I met a seven-year-old black lab named Charlie. He was perfect— everything about him. As Charlie was kissing my face and following me when I walked away, his owner asked, “Can he come bartend with you?” 

“Usually yes but I’m the fire marshal tonight. Does Charlie want to be my assistant?” 

“Yes he does, do you have a badge?!” she asked. Well, funny enough, I had two in my backpack. 

I untied the bandana (my personal favorite of Pal’s) and pinned the badge to it. Charlie’s mom couldn’t believe it and Charlie looked so proud and handsome and ready to assist. My heart was bursting at the seams, to be honest.

Charlie stayed nearby for a couple of hours. He did a great job at keeping watch, the most important duty of a fire marshal. His mom tried to return the bandana as he was clocking out and I assured her Pal would’ve liked for Charlie to have it. I gave her my dog-sitting business card and said please plan a trip so I can hang out with this sweetheart.

I will tie a new bandana on tonight and see who the Pally leads me to. He’s still such a good boy, making my life sweeter.

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