Must see, must read, must sip list: hikes, bookstores, and coffee shops in Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, CO houses all you could ever want and you might start looking for real estate. Estes (pronounced “Est-is”, not “Est-ees”) has the rockiest mountains, Colorado’s largest collection of whiskey, the strongest coffee, and the friendliest folks (though I’m here in April and not during the summer tourist overload; the friendliness might decrease by July). TheContinue reading “Must see, must read, must sip list: hikes, bookstores, and coffee shops in Estes Park, CO”


\ PAB-yuh-luhm \  , noun;  material for intellectual nourishment. somethingthatnourishes an animal or vegetable organism; food; nutriment. pablum. I think my mental pabulum is being in a different place physically. It’s too easy to be in your routine at the same place you wake up every morning. It’s almost abnormal to go sit outside and read and write because I have to watch recorded Ellen shows andContinue reading “pabulum.”


\ GEYP-seed, GAP- \  , noun;  1. British Dialect . a person who gapes or stares in wonder, especially a rustic or unworldly person who is easily awed. 2. British Dialect . a daydream or reverie. 3. British Dialect . an idealistic, impossible, or unreal plan or goal. 4. British Dialect . something that is gaped at; anything unusual orContinue reading “gapeseed.”


\ KREYP-hang-er \  , noun;  1.a person who sees the gloomy side of things; pessimist. It’s really easy to be a crapehanger. I mean, if you’ve already had half of your Americano, you know there’s only half left and that’s a gloomy realization. As I was driving to work, I was stuck behind someone from Illinois. We were going 40 mph in a 60 mph limit zone. IContinue reading “crapehanger.”

espresso and eleven hours of sleep.

Today I feel a bit unstoppable. I am not sure if it’s the lovely weather, or the fact that I got eleven hours of sleep last night, or the Americano in my system. But it’s nice. My attitude is top notch and I’ve really been noticing how this has impacted every interaction I have. WithContinue reading “espresso and eleven hours of sleep.”

c’est la vie, Shakespeare.

I was joking with friends over too many cups of coffee about how it never works when I’m “set up” with someone. It’s complicated, because I’ll end up falling for that person’s friend or their godfather instead of the person “intended” for me and then it’s a real mess. If everything had been left alone, IContinue reading “c’est la vie, Shakespeare.”