[sluhg–uh-bed] a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising. I think it’s ironic that the word of the day a few days ago was indefatigable (incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring) and I typed this and got tired mid word: “Oh, to be indefatigable! I happen to think fatigue is a tre” And now I’m choosing to write about slugabed instead. I do not want to beContinue reading “slugabed.”


[land-loh-per] noun a wanderer, vagrant, or adventurer. Are you constantly intrigued by how we connect with some people so easily, so quickly, and with others, not a bit? Every time I sit down to write about new friendships and connections, I present this phenomenon. Some customers will come in to the saloon and we hit it off instantly, beforeContinue reading “landloper.”


[v. fes-tuh-neyt; adj. fes-tuh-neyt, -nit] verb (used with object), verb (used without object),festinated, festinating. to hurry; hasten. adjective hurried. The town of Ketchum has been gearing up for a Wagon Days Festival. But hurried and hastened it is not.  “Meandering musicians” litter the town. They have to dodge 200 or so camp chairs that have already been set up on the sidewalks for tomorrow’s Wagon Days Parade, theContinue reading “festinate.”


adverb very nearly; almost. I have well-nigh decided that an evening serving job is my calling in life. I do not set an alarm for the morning. I open my eyes early anyway and think about the mountains surrounding me outside saying, “Come dance with me” (My favorite Banner Days song). So I get up and makeContinue reading “well-nigh.”


[hee-lee-ol–uh-tree] noun worship of the sun. After leaving a highly air conditioned restaurant, I went outside, stood in the sun, and closed my eyes and savored how the sun felt as my goosebumps diminished. I then checked the Word of the Day and laughed when I read the meaning. The weather in Colorado has been so lovely; theContinue reading “heliolatry.”


[sak-sik–uh-lin, -lahyn] adjective, Botany, Zoology living or growing among rocks. I sat in the sunshine at a coffee shop called The Daily Dose in Crested Butte and enjoyed about half my daily dose of caffeine. I shared a campsite with a father and his son last night and I could not have enjoyed myself more. The campground was full and theyContinue reading “saxicoline.”


noun. [ahr-guh-nawt, -not] A person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; adventurer. Classical Mythology. A member of the band of men who sailed to Colchis with Jason in the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. A person who moved to California during the gold rush of 1849. Paper nautilus. I’m in NebraskaContinue reading “argonaut.”


or (especially British) accoutrement [uh–koo-ter-muh nt, -truh-] noun personal clothing, accessories, etc. the equipment, excluding weapons and clothing, of a soldier. I loaded up Sangria Kia with accouterment galore, including wool base layers, bamboo leggings, my coffee maker, and hats full of buttons. I put an “Asheville” sticker on Sangria’s dupa and she seemed to be glowing, knowing an adventure was on the horizon. There’s not much IContinue reading “accouterment.”


[ten-der-foo t] noun, plural tenderfoots, tenderfeet [ten-der-feet]  1. a raw, inexperienced person; novice. 2. a newcomer to the ranching and mining regions of the western U.S., unused to hardships. Idaho was covered in mountains which were covered in evergreens which were covered in snow. It looked like Narnia from the comfort of my heated Kia. We stayed inContinue reading “tenderfoot.”