For one easy payment of 2.99…

Do you want more info on affordable travel through help exchange? Did you follow my blog while I was in New Zealand? Did you not? All good reasons to buy my brand new eBook for the price of a venti Americano! Thanks, dear ones. Amazon eBook: Beth of Fresh Air: New Zealand Smashwords eBook: BethContinue reading “For one easy payment of 2.99…”


[loh-gee] adjective, logier, logiest. lacking physical or mental energy or vitality; sluggish; dull; lethargic. I have had a logy heaviness lately. I think it started in Denver due to allergies and traffic and what was left of my energy faded away with every mile on the drive to Oklahoma City. My stay there was lovely, though I wish I had been more entertaining to myContinue reading “logy.”


[rap-sod-ik] adjective extravagantly enthusiastic; ecstatic. pertaining to, characteristic of, or of the nature or form of rhapsody. While driving through the Smoky Mountains to get to Asheville, green overwhelmed me until I was utterly rhapsodic. There were so many different shades, I took my sunglasses off to make sure I was seeing it right. Highlighter green, deep kale green, Ninja Turtle green–it was overwhelming compared to the everContinue reading “rhapsodic.”


[French sahn–frwa] noun coolness of mind; calmness; composure: An hour ago, I applied to be one of Backpacker Magazine’s National Park Scouts. I’d travel around for a year to find adventure, test out new gear, meet folks visiting the parks, and then write about it. I was allotted 100 words to convince the hiring team that I’m their gal, thatContinue reading “sang-froid.”

Must see, must read, must sip list: hikes, bookstores, and coffee shops in Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, CO houses all you could ever want and you might start looking for real estate. Estes (pronounced “Est-is”, not “Est-ees”) has the rockiest mountains, Colorado’s largest collection of whiskey, the strongest coffee, and the friendliest folks (though I’m here in April and not during the summer tourist overload; the friendliness might decrease by July). TheContinue reading “Must see, must read, must sip list: hikes, bookstores, and coffee shops in Estes Park, CO”

Three months traveling with help exchange vs. one week in Vail

On my drive from Moab, UT to Estes Park, CO, I saw a sign for Vail. I had seen photos of this town and had heard about the famous people who frequent it; I almost expected “Vail” to be written in diamonds on the road sign. I bipped my blinker and decided to use aContinue reading “Three months traveling with help exchange vs. one week in Vail”


[pan–uh-plee] noun a wide-ranging and impressive array or display. [more at] Estes Park, Colorado is picture perfect. The charming downtown full of cabin-like looking coffee, book, and ice cream shops ends and the same road runs into the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. The aptly named Rocky Mountains serve as the backdrop to every drive, walk, and adventure theContinue reading “panoply.”


[pep-er-uhp-er] noun, Informal. something, as a food, beverage, or pill, that provides a quick but temporary period of energy and alertness. something added to food to relieve blandness. an experience that increases enthusiasm or zeal, as a pep talk. Sangria Kia was $511 to fix, even though Jeff at Firestone said, “We couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.” She needed two new tires and an oil change anyway, but the diagnostic codes came back blank. “Strange, very strange,” Jeff said over and over as he handed meContinue reading “pepper-upper.”