\MAH-nuh\, noun;
1. A generalizaed, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons.
2. An ancient kingdom in Iran, in Kurdistan.
If Peter Pan was not full of supernatural power, then I am Tinkerbell.  I met Peter Pan in Thessaloniki, Greece a few years back.  He was as beautiful as youโ€™d imagine.  I was drawn to him.  Some children grabbed my hands and hung on my shoulders, but not Peter.  He was independent and I could tell upon my first meeting, that he was special.  His eyes were deep and full of something mysterious.  Neverland and Hook perhaps.  Peterโ€™s hair was as dark as his dirty bare feet and it stuck up in every direction, not in a messy way, but in a free spirited kind of way.  His mana was beautiful and I shall post a picture so you can grasp half of his glorious appeal.

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